Top 13 Japanese dog breeds

Top 13 japanese dog breeds? There are top 13 Japanese dog breeds in the world and Nihon Ken Hozonkaiare is treated as Japan’s national dog. In 2020 the different types of dog breeds were defined by their function official registered of pure-breed of dogs.

In a purpose to enjoy with dogs for as long as possible, many prospective owners seek out breeds with relatively long lifespans. But this can be difficult for lovers of large breeds of dogs

Most of the Japanese dog breeds are still very cute and very familiar with family 

Top 13 Japanese dog breeds

01. Akita dog

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The Akita is a large dog breed and introducing from northern Japan. Akita is a large and powerful dog breed.

Height: 64 – 70 cm 

Weight: Male: 32 kg

Lifespan: 15 years

02. Hokkaido dog

The Hokkaido is a dog breed originating from Japan. Other names of this dog breed are Ainu-ken, Seta, Ainu dog. 

Origin: Japan

Temperament: Docile, Bold, Alert, Dignified, Faithful, Brave

Height:  48 cm

Colors: Black, White, Brindle, Black & Tan, Sesame, Red

Weight: 20–30 kg

03. Japanese Chin

The Japanese Chin dog breeds, also known as the Japanese Spaniel, is a dog acknowledged for its importance to the Japanese nobility. 

Life expectancy: 12 – 14 years

Weight: 1.4 – 6.8 kg

Temperament: Intelligent, Alert, Independent, Loyal, Loving, Cat-like

Colors: Lemon & White, Sable & White, Tri-color, Black & White, Red & White

Origin: Japan

04. Japanese Spitz

The Japanese Spitz dog is a small and medium type of dog breeds. They’re active, loyal, and familiar with the family and smart dog breeds & They’re good with children, too. These dogs breed live longest life 10-16 years.

Lifespan: 10 – 16 years

Color: White

Origin: Japan

Temperament: Obedient, Affectionate, Intelligent, Playful, Companionable, Proud

Height: Male: 30 – 38 cm (At the withers), Female: 25 – 35 cm

05. Japanese Terrier

06. Kai Ken

07. Kishu

08. Nihon Ken Hozonkai

09. Ryukyu Inu

10. Sakhalin Husky

11. Shiba Inu

12. Shikoku dog

13. Tosa dog